Does Health Insurance Cover Home Health Care?

There is an age when everybody thinks about making some major health decisions to lead a satisfying life in terms of your health. The most usual decision is getting healthcare insurance. But, the question is, what does healthcare insurance cover?

You might be thinking if you need to get your healthcare at home, will the insurance cover that?

Many people don’t like the environment of hospitals and prefer getting care at home for better recovery. If they have health insurance, they would surely like to avail the healthcare at home.

You need to understand the true difference between normal healthcare insurance and insurance for home care. When you consider home care, choose the insurance coverage that will fit your situation. People usually confuse home healthcare with non-medical home care. Home healthcare services involve the medical treatment of patients to help them recover from their illness. On the other hand, home care services are the care service that does not provide treatment for any specific disease, but overall care is given. This is provided on a long-term basis to support the ageing process and help individuals live easily.

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Home Care Services

Generally, normal care services at home are not covered in insurance. People have misconceptions that these care services at home will be covered in the insurance, but usually, it is not. You can safely assume that your general care at your home will not be paid by the insurance company.

Several insurance companies even pay for non-medical home care to help people lead a supported life at their home.

Home Health Care Services and Insurance Coverage

Most of the healthcare insurance does cover the healthcare service at home. If not completely, then at least partial coverage is provided. You can get a nurse and a few necessary types of equipment so that you can recover from your illness while staying at your home. Several conditions make a person eligible for at-home healthcare insurance coverage.

  • A doctor supervises all the medical activities and a plan must be followed to help you recover. The progress of the plan must be reviewed regularly by professionals.
  • You should provide a report where the doctor has certified that you need a skilled nurse for activities other than just taking blood.
  • The patient should need physical therapy, lingual therapy or other services for a long time. These therapies will be covered if a doctor approves that they will be effective in your treatment. You can’t get the service to an unlimited extent that should be reasonable.
  • Your health agency must be registered.
  • During the visit for medical care, the extra charges for your care will not be covered by the insurer.
  • A doctor should certify that due to your illness, you are housebound.


You can choose from different insurance plans according to your condition. You can get insurance from your employer or even buy a service from a private or commercial insurance company. Most of the insurance plans provide medical coverage for your basic treatment. The private companies usually pay for just home health care. There are many cases where they don’t cover much of the expenses and the bearer is left to pay for additional medical services from his pocket.

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