How to File Your Health Insurance Claim? 

In case you need the payment for your medical needs by your health insurance or you need to reimburse the premiums you paid, you have to file a claim. You have to submit your claim as a request to the insurance company.

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Ways to File Your Claim?

There are two ways to file your claim. They are mentioned below.

  1. The first way is when you are not involved in the process and your healthcare provider will make the claim to your insurance company for you. In this case, you don’ have to directly contact the company, they manage the payment process by themselves.
  2. The second way is to file the claim by yourself. You have to send all the paperwork as a request to your insurer to get your health benefits. If the healthcare provided and the insurance company is not involved, you can’t file for the claim just by yourselves, you will have to contact the provider to file the claim for you for certainty.

What do You Need While Filing for the Health Benefits?

Most of it is self-explanatory so you can easily fill it. There are a few important things that you need if you have to file for a claim.

You will need the policy number or membership number while filing for the claim.

Who was the person receiving the medical services? It can be your spouse, child or domestic partner.

You should know if the policy was a dual insurance policy or a co-insurance.

You must fill why you need the coverage for medical expenses. If it was an accident or a serious illness, you have to mention it in the form.

Steps for Filing the Health Insurance Claim

1.     You Have to Get Your Receipt

A bill provided by your doctor will help you claim for the coverage. The list will have every service provided by the doctor and the price will be mentioned. The itemized list will also have any drugs or medications that the doctor prescribed to you. You will have to attach these bills with the claim form to get your health insurance benefits.

2.     Get the Claim Form

You can get this claim form from the health insurance company or even get it from their official website. The form will have all the details that you have to mention and what do you need to attach from your healthcare facility. Fill the form attentively, don’t leave or write something wrong on the form as it can affect your claim. Your claim can even get rejected if the form is not filled properly.

3.     Keep Copies of Everything

After you fill the form and attach all the bills with it, make sure that you have copied all of them. Keep one copy with you and provide your insurance company the other. If you lose your form, you can easily refill it from the copied version. It also helps you keep track of everything.

4.     Review Before Sending

Make sure that you double-check your form to remove any errors. Send it after completely reviewing the whole form.


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