In a national health insurance system, health care is financed through

Health financing is a major factor that defines how the resources are generated for financing and how are they used for the betterment of the health system. There are many limitations in providing the best health care to the individuals, but the top concern is the unavailability of enough finances.

Health Financing System

There has been an evolution of the health financing system. People used to pay for their healthcare after they got the service delivery. But, now most employers provide healthcare insurance for their employees to improve their outcome at the workplace.

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This factor has evolved in most of the industrialized countries.

The government forces the individuals to pay general taxes and social security and in return, they are provided free healthcare services. If not completely, health insurance will cover partial payment of the treatment.

There are several non-governmental organizations and private companies that provide health insurance plans that you can choose in case your employer’s insurance is not enough.

Eventually, all the countries need governmental funding for their individuals to help then get basic healthcare without any out-of-pocket payments. This need for healthcare funding must be for the total population. But if that is not possible, at least the vulnerable groups should get it like elderly people or poor people.

Governmental Funding

Government funding is required to provide all the services to the public, even the ones that insurance companies are avoiding. Some services are also hard to get in some areas, for that, the government has to take a step and pass a bill for particular funding. There are several diseases for which a specific group of people like women and children is at risk. There should be specific funding for that community-oriented service.

These insurance schemes are designed to help individuals by saving them from catastrophic expenditures in case of an emergency. The partnership between private and public organizations will create efficiency in the system.

These organized operations will be used in delivering other services to the public.

What Steps Should Be Taken?

The organizations should focus on providing and recommending the services to get more resources and improve the mobilization and achieve the goals.

The following must be the goals of an organization to help individuals get all services.

  1. Perform activities on a national and provincial level to make sure that people know about the services and resources are allocated.
  2. Partnership with government health insurance schemes to deliver better services.
  3. The schemes produced as a result of the relation of public and private organizations must be reviewed and supported.
  4. Applicable health financing policies must be developed on a national level.

Allocation of the Healthcare Funds

Developing resources and generating ways to get money is not the only factor in health financing. We also have to focus on how and where to allocate these funds.

There is a wide range of services and programs for which the findings are required. The funds are generated from both government and private sources. The funds compete and only the most essential program gets the money. The way this money is distributed can affect the efficiency of services and set priorities.


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