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Writing your will and choosing a healthcare proxy is an important decision to make. Health Care Proxy is a person who will make health decisions on your behalf. Your choice will have an impact on how your life ends as the person will have the right to decide to continue or terminate your life-sustaining treatment.

You don’t need to be extremely ill or old to make such a decision. You can always have such a discussion with your close friend or someone else in your family.

If you wish to get perfect healthcare when you need it, you must hire a health care agent. He/she should be someone you can trust. They will make any decision about your health when you’ll not be able to do so. Make sure that the person is trustworthy because your health will depend on them. Your healthcare agent can be one of your family members or close friend. You can give your agent a specific authority for some decisions. Tell them about your wishes about your health and they will incorporate them into their decision for you.

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When Do You Need a Medical Proxy

A person over the age of 18 must have a health agent. It is not only for elderly people. The following are the situations that can tell if you need a health agent.

  • If you meet an accident or have a severe illness.
  • You are facing a life-threatening disease and there is less hope for recovery.
  • Alzheimer patients are recommended to have a health agent.
  • In case you are going for surgery and treated with anaesthesia.
  • If you can’t communicate due to some illness.

What Do You Need To Do?

Here is the detail of how you can make your proxy make the right decision on your behalf.

Clear Out your Beliefs

Depending on the quality of life that you’re looking for, you must have some beliefs and values. To make your finals days better and according to your wishes, you must communicate all your beliefs with the health proxy and make sure that they will make a decision that does not bother your beliefs.

Your medical proxy will frame your health decision according to your beliefs and values. The decision will have an impact on the treatment that you will get when you will not be able to communicate with the medical team yourself. You can tell them if there is a treatment that you will never accept so they can take care of your wishes. Your comfort zone will be taken care of in case you have communicated everything well. You will be treated to reduce pain and help in your recovery, not to make you uncomfortable.

Communicate Honestly

Don’t hide anything because that can have an impact on your health treatment at the end of your life. Find someone who you are comfortable with and discuss all the matters in detail. The person must be trustworthy so that you will be safe.

After choosing your health proxy, talk to them, and share your wishes and opinions about several aspects of life. You cannot predict the future and tell them what to do, but you can show your opinion and help them decide on your behalf.


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